3 Industries Being Disrupted and Revolutionized by AI


AI has disrupted the whole technology and business worlds, as it makes its way into our daily lives. Disruption has caused some serious revolutions in the past and present and will do so in the future as well.

Currently, AI is the disruption that will trigger technological revolutions across almost all the industries. So, below we’ve listed three industries that will be quite extraordinarily disrupted, revolutionized and impacted by AI in the near future:

Customer Support

The customer support industry is a large industry comprising of many services as chat support, voice and non-voice processes. Finding, grooming, training and employing executives has been a long and arduous task for call centers, BPOs and the customer service industry as a whole.

So, by deploying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the customer support industry can avoid these cumbersome processes and automate almost all of them. Use of Voice Recognition and Natural Language Processing has enabled Chatbots and Virtual Assistants to handle customer queries as a trained customer service executive would be able to.

Since the advent of AI, it is the customer service industry that has had the most sophisticated disruption happening and will have more of it happening in the future.


Industrial use of AI can be considered the most beneficial of all use-cases. Incorporating AI into manufacturing will lead to the deployment of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). In RPA, Robots will learn to assemble and manufacture products on their own without having to be programmed to perform each task.

Besides participating in active manufacturing, AI can also perform quality checks and quality control, visual inspection, reduce production time, wastage and improve engineering precision. So, manufacturing is one of the industries that can partake of the AI disruption and revolution in the best way possible.


It can be surprising to say that the oldest technology in human history as agriculture will benefit out of something as advanced as AI. Well, it can. Agriculture is one industry that faces an acute shortage of labor, as people started getting employed in modern professions.

Due to shortage of labor, agriculture will also involve the use of agricultural machinery in the future. Almost all of the agricultural machinery may be AI-powered with the use of robotics a few years from now.

Cognitive AI, equipped with machine learning, will also find use cases in agriculture, as agriculture is the most unstable industry in human history. Changes in weather has remained a challenge, as agriculture itself is dependent on rainfall and availability of water. So, Predictive Analytics will play a huge role in agriculture along with optimization of the whole agricultural process.

What AI can do in agriculture is infinite. AI can scan seeds to predict when exactly the seed will grow fully ripe. Soil, crop, wind, rainfall analysis, pest control, etc., can also help predict the time, quality and quantity of agricultural output.

If you are into any of the above industries, you will do well in the future, if you consider integrating AI into your processes. So, talk to us your key issues to resolve in the above industries at sales@twilightsoftwares.com and learn more about us on www.twilightitsolutions.com to leverage our AI expertise for use in your industries.

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