3 Industries Disrupted and Revolutionized by AI – Part II

3 Industries Disrupted and Revolutionized by AI – Part II


Almost all the industries await disruption by AI. Some of the industries have already started using AI to their advantage. AI can perform a lot of automation and optimization in production and help render services a lot better than human beings can.

In the second iteration of this article, let’s see three more of the industries that will be disrupted and revolutionized by AI:


The magic and miracles of saving and prolonging human life is going to take place in the Healthcare industry with the help of AI. In AI-powered healthcare, Machine Learning will be deployed to accurately diagnose and predict (future) possibilities of illnesses by analyzing x-rays, scans, medical imaging, etc.

You can also predict terminal and life-threatening illnesses as tumors, cancers, heart attacks, liver damage, etc. with AI. You can even avoid them by predicting them well before they occur.

Doctors can interact with Virtual Assistants (VAs) using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to leverage the insights generated by AI using both Big Data and patient data or patient history. VAs also provide assistance in real-life human language to facilitate easy understanding by doctors.

With the use of biomarkers, AI can also determine a person’s physical age against his natural biological age. It can also suggest ways and means to reduce his physical age to help him live longer.

AI and ML will make Healthcare industry even more exciting by using Robots to perform surgeries with greater precision than a human doctor. So, it is the Healthcare industry that will draw the benefits of the pinnacle of human achievements in the future as well.


Construction is an industry where more of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be deployed. It can be challenging but not impossible to have AI Robots adhere to statutory requirements, while constructing a building.

Construction has many complex processes that can benefit by using AI. Robots can cover the areas that are highly risky for a human being to physically put himself to work at.

Machine Learning and AI can also be used to come up with the most precise quote for a particular project.

AI can reduce cost and budget over runs by precisely completing a project within the end date without wasting the available resources.

So, as always, there is no end to what AI can do to the construction industry as well.


When it comes to energy, the buzzword is efficiency. AI can help save, conserve and optimize delivery of energy, through the use of smart grids that will optimize the energy consumed by each and every individual, device, household, street or building.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has emphasized the need to develop a “fully automated power delivery network that monitors and controls every consumer and node, ensuring a two-way flow of electricity and information,” making it a national goal.

Besides saving energy, AI will also ensure continuous, seamless and on-demand delivery of energy even during inclement weather, using AI-powered local grids.

AI is the most powerful disrupting force that will be the leader among technologies propelling the transition from Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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