3 Industries Disrupted and Revolutionized by AI – Part III

3 Industries Disrupted and Revolutionized by AI – Part III


AI has penetrated just about every field or industry there is, with almost no exception. In the previous installments of this article, we’ve seen quite a number of industries that have been AI-ed.

In this iteration, let’s take a look at three more industries that have warranted the use of AI and have already been using AI:


Cyber security is a huge challenge in itself. As almost all business processes have started getting digitalized, protecting data from data theft has become equally challenging as well.

AI-powered Cybersecurity may perform ethical hacking by itself to check for security loopholes and fix them. AI can do perfect analysis of data on cyber attacks and learn to prevent spam, malware and virus attacks on networks.

In addition to protecting your systems and networks, AI can also anticipate and prevent cyber attacks from happening in the first place. Through Machine Learning, AI can also recognize cyber attacks through user behavior and thwart the attack attempts by blocking access to them.

Not only for cyber security, hackers and attackers will also be deploying AI to perform cyber attacks. So, it will become highly imperative for organizations to deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) to protect your systems from cyber attacks.


Retail was the first industry to deploy AI in full force, especially e-commerce apps and websites. One can say that AI evolved from retail where Image Recognition and Natural Language Processing were deployed for both sales and customer service.

Products match by scanning pictures, personalized content delivery, predictive search, chatbots, AI-powered customer service, virtual sales assistants, retail has seen it all. Retail will see even more advanced and exciting AI features that will enchant the buyers.

When it comes to retail in brick-and-mortar stores, Robots will be employed to greet customers, learn their states of mind, identify their needs, usher them to the right shelves, pick products, etc. AI robots can even close sales, remember repeat customers when they walk-in the next time and greet them to delight them.

AI has been highly successful in upselling, cross-selling, repeat selling, etc. and is soon set to become an inherent part of both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retail businesses.


AI will turn the world of education and the way we teach upside down. It can change the entire power dynamics and landscape of teaching as a whole.

The student-teacher dynamic will change to put both teachers and students on an equal-footing. AI tutors will evaluate, grade students and provide feedback to students in natural language.

Both teachers and management can also use AI to automate admin operations. Teachers can also get feedback on students using AI’s analysis of each student’s performance data.

Unfortunately, teaching for over two or more millenniums has been a one-size-fits-all activity. As AI will analyze each student, it will also personalize courses and modules to suit each student from the conventional uniform module for all.

In the education industry, AI will soon be a game changer. AI will change the way we have so far seen and understood education for the better, for improved learning to happen to make more sense and make education more meaningful for students.

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