AR/VR Use Cases That Can Transform Your Business

AR/VR Use Cases That Can Transform Your Business

AR and VR, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, are next-gen technologies that can offer a psychedelic real-time, real-life experience of products, places, etc. Businesses can benefit a lot using AR/VR technologies by deploying them to offer sneak-peeks into their products and services.

AR and VR can influence the business world in the ways listed below and more providing customers unimaginably newer ways of ensuring whether each product will work for them:

AR/VR in E-Commerce

Online retail e-commerce shopping apps can benefit the best using AR/VR technologies. They will reduce the costs and time involved in handling returns and replacements. Customers can try the apparels, accessories, etc. virtually before they go onto buy the product.

AR/VR technologies can enhance the WYSIWYG experience of users to an even more accurate level. This means that E-commerce will benefit the most by using AR/VR technologies. So, if you are making an e-commerce app for your business, integrating AR/VR is worth considering as one of the most important features for the future.

Real Estate and Construction

AR and VR will find the most straightforward use in the real estate and construction industries. If you want to rent or buy a house, you can use a fully immersive VR technology to look around inside and around the house to make a decision.

Construction planning can also happen with VR. Virtual Reality has already been happening in the construction industry, though both AR and VR are still in their nascent stages.

If you are in the real estate or construction industry, you will be benefited using AR/VR technologies as part of your business operations.

Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration is one industry where more of AR will find a lot of use-cases. Both Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality will be used for interior decoration in future. Mixed Reality is one that merges virtual objects with real objects or vice-versa.

So, this can be used to see what paint color can suit a certain wall, what furniture can fit in a certain room, etc. Interior decoration can use any kind of virtual, augmented and mixed reality to benefit from them in helping their customers make the best decisions and choices.

Brick-and-Mortar Retail Stores

Not only in e-commerce apps, AR/VR can work wonders in brick-and-mortar retail stores as well. Conventional physical retail sales is all going to change. By flashing your phone camera in front of the image of a model, mannequin or some dress, you can see the model doing a catwalk, as if in a fashion show.

Augmented Reality, for the purpose mentioned above, was utilized by Zara in their Zara AI app to huge widespread success and adulation. Some other retail brands as IKEA, Macy’s, Helzberg, etc. have also used AR apps in similar fashion.

Smart retail brands have already started leveraging AR/VR not only in e-commerce apps but also in their brick-and-mortar retail stores in highly attractive ways. It’s just a matter of time before all retail brands will begin using AR/VR and customers will invariably expect these technologies to make a purchase.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are technologies in their infantile states that we pioneer to leverage them to your advantage. Write to us at and visit us at to discuss the workings, nitty-gritty and insights of this technology that you can use in your business to exponentially grow your business.

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