Benefits of Building An AI-Powered Retail Online Shopping App

Benefits of Building An AI-Powered Retail Online Shopping App

Online retail has won over brick-and-mortar stores hands down. Brick-and-mortar stores will sure exist in future as well. However, the convenience of online retail is unmatched. Even in its nascent stages, online retail was a runaway hit.

After the emergence of mobile phones, apps have made the online shopping experience even more compelling and enjoyable. Add to that AI or Artificial Intelligence, the online shopping experience is going to get even more surreal.

Below are some of the features currently integrated and will be integrated in the future in online retail shopping apps:

Personalized Content Delivery

Enough has been said about this and this has become common knowledge of late. AI-powered apps know what a user likes through analysis of user data derived from the user’s online activities. The AI algorithm matches what the user likes and what he will most likely buy.

AI understands this through user engagement, search data, historical purchase data, etc. The more accurate the app is, the more sales is likely to happen. So, if you are running a retail business, get an AI-powered retail online shopping app made to multiply your sales and improve your business.

Chatbot Sales and Customer Service

Chatbots have been becoming the in-thing. Bots were once frowned upon, as they misled unsuspecting users into clicking spam, malware and hacking links. Now, AI has changed the name of the game by making chatbots intelligent enough to converse with users.

Like skilled salesmen, chatbots use Natural Language Processing, logical and automated reasoning, etc. to talk like human beings with users to both sell and to provide customer service. Some AI tools also follow up with customers umpteen number of times in various ways to get them to buy your products.

AI-powered chatbots that perform both sales and customer service will become almost inevitable for a mobile shopping app. So, make sure you get a chatbot integrated in your retail online shopping app to provide a pleasant shopping experience to your customers.

Image Recognition to Match Products

Image Recognition does quite a number of things to boost sales. Users can scan and upload pictures of products they want to buy and find the same as well as similar products.

Users can also upload pics of their own bodies and faces and match dresses and sunglasses respectively to see what suits them before buying. This can also reduce returns and replacement requests, whose cost can eat into your profits.

Hence, Image Recognition is one of the most important as well as exciting AI features an online shopping app needs to have. So, remember to keep this included in your features list before making your app.

AI will make retail online shopping apps interactive, exciting and fun to shop with. So, stay ahead of the game by first getting an app to boost your sales. And if you would like to do so, you may as well let that be an AI-powered app to gain a solid edge over your competitors.

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