Develop A Robust Mobile App For Your Logistics Company

Develop A Robust Mobile App For Your Logistics Company


Process automation turns your active business into a passively managed business. That frees up a lot of time you put into the business. If you can learn your day-to-day operations by quickly moving a few fingers on your mobile phone, it can give you ample time to plan your core operations well ahead.

A robust mobile app for your logistics company can integrate your fleet management, warehousing, material handling operations, shipments, etc. in a single dashboard along with separate panels for your staff, drivers and customers. So, you can manage your business via notifications, alerts and updates to learn how your business processes are getting executed.

Management UI — Business Management At Your Fingertips

You can manage the whole of your fleet, warehouse and shipments at your fingertips, with a mobile app for your logistics company. Custom application is all about automation. So, you can automate assigning vehicles, drivers or executives, warehousing shipments awaiting delivery, etc. with just your fingertips. You can also track each individual shipment from your mobile app.

Privileges can also be set differently for different departments to assign them to track items in warehouse, shipments, delivery, vehicles and drivers or delivery executives. With this mobile app for your logistics company, you can automate, delegate and offload your work easily to carry out a smooth and seamless logistics process.

Besides management User Interface (UI), all your drivers or executives, warehouse employees and office staff can all have their own mobile app interfaces.

Customer App UI

Customer loyalty can be highly influenced through apps. The success of Uber, Uber Eats and all food delivery apps have happened through their app interfaces.

With a customer interface in your logistics company app, customers can order pickup through their apps. You will receive the notification instantly to schedule and assign pick-up executives to fetch the shipment. Almost all payment methods can be integrated so that customers can also pay for the services availed by them within seconds.

As customers sign up in your app through their social media profiles, email IDs or mobile numbers, you also get a large amount of customer data with extraordinary ease. This can help predict customer behavior, making your business more predictable and thereby more profitable. Customers also act immediately, if they have a very handy app in their mobile phones. This improves customer loyalty.

With an app, customers can also calculate the charges and delivery time beforehand and rate overall delivery experience and performance of executives.

Customers will also be happy and at ease being able to track delivery status of their shipment in real-time via notifications on their mobile phones.

So, developing an app for your logistics company can be beneficial to help retain customers and get repeat business.

Driver or Delivery Execs’ App UI

Download and register should be the easiest option. Submitting documents for registration can also be done via the app, except for legal requirements to provide hard copies in person.

The driver or delivery executive will get the easiest route on the integrated map pinned to where each shipment has to be delivered. The executive can also get the full address and contact details of the receiver and collect cash, if Cash On Delivery (COD) is indicated or learn if it is already paid for.

The driver or delivery executive can also record all fuel costs and other expenses incurred during delivery. The executive can also be equipped with a small POS machine and payments through the POS machine can be made to automatically update in all the respective apps.

Admin App UI

All your employees can login and view their separate custom dashboards, where information relevant to their designation will only show. They can track and call drivers or delivery executives by just touching a button. They can also track the orders executed by each executive and the associated costs incurred by each of them.

With the help of push notifications, they can also get updates of shipments delivered, payments received and verify bills and invoices.

Customer feedback, trip log, incoming inquiries, etc. can all be viewed by the staff to which they can also respond immediately.

Providing customer service via chat, vernacular language support, user history, cloud support, scratch cards, etc. are some of the most attractive advanced features that you can integrate into your admin app interface.

All these features can get exciting for your customers making them realize the value and the experience they get by using your logistics service. So, developing a robust mobile app is one of the easiest ways of building your brand, improving efficiency, productivity and profitability.

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