Gadgets That Can Read Your Mind


The ability to read the human mind is the ultimate goal of Brain Computer Interface (BCI), which has led to the invention of different types of applications. These applications will make use of the human mind to control the devices directly. Now let’s discuss some of the gadgets that can read the human mind perfectly:


AlterEgo is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled headset device developed by Arnav Kapur at MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, USA. AlterEgo is a wearable, non-intrusive, silent-speech, peripheral neural interface that uses natural language processing to help humans, machines and other people communicate with each other without a voice input on either side.

AlterEgo uses machine learning algorithms to perfectly understand the words internally, using neuromuscular signals with the help of four electrodes placed on both sides of the jaw.

Besides, it also has a pair of bone-conduction headphones integrated along with these electrodes and headphones that use the vibrations in the mouth and jaw to help communicate with other people. AlterEgo is an Intelligence Augmentation (IA) device that listens to the inner voice of humans and provides answers to computationally complex problems.


Muse is a wearable headband device that uses ElectroEncephaloGraphy (EEG) Neuro feedback technology to monitor the electrical activity of the brain. The mobile app accompanied with this device is connected via Bluetooth and it translates the EEG signal to audio feedback. The user can hear this feedback through the headphones.

To monitor the brain activity, Muse uses seven accurately estimated sensors where two sensors are placed on the forehead, two sensors behind the ears and three that act as reference sensors. The cost of this device is approximately $199.

The updated version of Muse is Muse 2. This device has PhotoPlethysmoGraphy (PPG), pulse oximetry breath and heart sensors placed on the front and right hand side of the forehead. Besides this, body sensors Gyroscope and accelerometer are placed also behind your ears.

Muse monitors the brain activity, whereas Muse 2 measures heart rate, breathing and also the bodilyy movements of the person wearing the device, in addition to the brain activity of the person. It provides real-time feedback on brain activity. Muse 2 is priced approximately $249.99.

With the advent of mind-blowing technology, human beings will become more accurate, precise and perfect in communication and many other daily tasks. Besides daily tasks, we’ll also become more accurate in our artistic and intellectual pursuits.

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