How AI and Machine Learning Can Improve the Healthcare Industry

How AI and Machine Learning Can Improve the Healthcare Industry


What AI and ML can do to the Healthcare Industry can give fantasy and fiction writers a run for their money. Still, these technologies have some of the best practical uses to help solve the most contemporary health problems.

If both robotic and cognitive AI and ML will find equal use in one industry, the healthcare industry will rank on top. Similarly, the most ambitious as well as the most contemporary practical use-cases can be found only in the healthcare industry:

AI in Medicine, Pharma and Healthcare — The Road to Immortality

Of late, it has been theorized that achieving immortality is possible that man can eventually evolve into Homo Deus (Man-God) from being Homo Sapiens, just as he evolved from being Homo Erectus.

Artificial Intelligence is an important step toward this distant goal. Human life is the most valuable thing on earth, unlike any other. Prolonging human life is a current goal of the Medicine, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries.

If we consider death an event, aging is a process leading to that event. So, both AI and Machine Learning will help prevent or reverse aging through Deep Learning or Deep Neural Networks (DNN).

Slowing Down Aging with Deep Learning and Deep Neural Networks (DNNs)

Using Deep Learning, a simple blood test could reveal your age and the biomarkers that cause aging in you. For example, let’s say your blood tests revealed you were 45 years old.

The Deep Learning Neural Networks would indicate the biomarkers that caused aging in you. With a few changes, including your lifestyle, your age could be restored to 35 years of age in terms of health, the next time you opt for a blood test.

The possibilities of what Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can do are endless. Since human life is crucial to what one can do in his lifetime, achieving success in human aspirations can be greatly enhanced by prolonging one’s life.

AI and ML can lead to extraordinary breakthroughs in the Medicine, Pharmaceutical and Health Care space. It can fulfill and achieve whatever human beings can imagine for which even the sky isn’t the limit.

AI in Diagnosis

AI and ML can analyze diagnostic and radiological data of a patient consistent with patient history to accurately diagnose any abnormalities. The AI algorithms can detect tumors, skin cancers, cardiac issues, organ failure, etc. with great accuracy that which may not be possible for humans. Perfectly accurate diagnosis is one of the key use-cases of AI and ML in clinical settings.

NLP for Patients and Medical Staff

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an important function in AI and ML over which great many technological advancements are currently being made. Doctors and patients can interact with AI and ML systems like Personal Virtual Assistants (PVAs) in real-world language, through a mobile app interface. So, the AI system can talk to them about their health in real-world language to present accurate diagnosis and treatment methods and also alert them on avoidable risk situations.

NLP and PVAs in healthcare are near-contemporary AI and ML technologies that could be incorporated in your healthcare business almost immediately.

AI-assisted Medical Imaging Analysis

The two main benefits of AI-assisted medical imaging analysis are: One, it’s time-saving, as time is crucial, when it comes to saving lives. Two, remote diagnosis and treatment can be made possible using AI-assisted medical imaging. You need not visit your doctor in person but just send an image of any (skin) condition to get perfectly accurate diagnosis and prescription. In future, this technology may also do away with the need to provide physical samples and biopsies, though this can sure take some time.

Why Integrate AI and ML into Your Medical, Pharma and Healthcare Business

At the moment, both AI and ML can bring significant competitive edge to your healthcare business. Providing treatment with AI-assisted technology will improve the chances of saving lives by about a hundred to thousand times currently.

With AI and ML, diagnosis itself can happen at lightning speeds. Millions of lives can be saved—merely by the time saved by these technologies—as treatments can be initiated faster, following an incredibly fast and perfectly accurate diagnosis.

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