How AI and Smart Home Automation Will Change Our Daily Lives


Have you ever been worried on a tour, if you’ve switched off a light bulb back home? We’ve all had this confusion at least once, for there was no way you could ensure that everything was perfect. Now, with AI, we don’t need to leave anything to chance nor assumptions.

AI provides perfect ways to ensure that use of appliances is optimized perfectly when in use and when not in use. Let’s imagine some of the ways through which AI and Smart Home Automation will impact and change the way we live:

Use of Voice Assistants

Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana have all optimized and automated living inside a home to a great extent.

You can ask Alexa to play a song, while you can also ask Alexa to switch off or switch on the lights in your home. In addition to waking you up, Alexa can also make coffee for you using your coffee maker to greet you in the morning. Voice Assistants can even cook for you in the oven, make your grocery list, control your refrigerator, etc.

In Home Automation, Voice Assistants, powered with AI and Machine Learning, have started playing a very dominant role. There really is no end to what VAs can do at your home, as it is the most important AI tool and the pet favorite of many households of late.

Energy Efficiency

AI can do a lot to save your consumption of energy by automating switching your lights and other appliances on and off, when required. We often tend to forget to switch off almost every appliance we use.

Along with smart grids and smart meters, AI and Machine Learning will also save a lot of energy by precisely learning when to keep appliances switched on and off. It also knows when you like keeping them on, how you like to use them and what you like to get out of them.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can also avoid wastage of every source of energy even by a second. On the contrary, AI and Machine Learning can also switch the AC on 5 minutes before you arrive to keep you comfortable and switch off immediately, soon as you leave the house.

Safety and Security

AI can provide museum-level safety to even normal average households. It can monitor movement, recognize faces and register bodily traits of people seen in CCTV cameras. It can also set off burglar alarms and fire alarms and deploy sprinklers to make it almost impossible for accidents to happen within your home.

In addition to all these, AI can predict, prevent and fix all kinds of malfunctions, even before they show signs and possibilities of happening. So, there is no room for any kind of accidents to happen, as AI can provide near-perfect safety and security for your home, yourself and your family.

Use of AI in Home Automation and Smart Home Automation itself are still in their nascent stages. The beauty of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Internet of Things (IoT) is that they make everything we imagine in science fiction come true to benefit the whole of mankind.

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