How AI Fuses into the Fusion Energy Industry

How AI Fuses into the Fusion Energy Industry

AI has fused and penetrated into almost all the industries. Now, the latest development in AI is the use of AI in the Fusion Energy industry. Researchers from Harvard and Princeton Universities have started using Deep Learning, a subset of AI, to predict if and when fusion reactions will face disruption.

What is Fusion Energy

Fusion Energy uses heat generated during nuclear fusion reactions to produce electricity. Nuclear Fission is the opposite of Nuclear Fusion, where an atom is split into two to generate energy. On the other hand, Nuclear Fusion collides and fuses hydrogen isotopes Deuterium and Tritium to produce helium and neutron whose abundant energy is used to generate electricity.

Role of AI in Fusion Energy

Scientists at the United States Department of Energy’s (US DOE’s) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) have leveraged Deep Learning to predict disruptions in nuclear fusion reactions. It can also prevent the damage caused by the disruptions to the doughnut-shaped tokamak reactors.

Fusion powers the sun and the stars in our galaxy or universe. So, Fusion Energy mimics this phenomenon to create clean, safe, abundant and near-infinite sources of energy. Generating energy via nuclear fusion can power the whole planet for even a billion years.

Deep Learning Neural Networks in Fusion Energy

So, in the process of replicating fusion energy, scientists are exploring the possibilities of what AI can bring to the table. Predicting disruption, challenges and risk factors will be done through Deep Learning Neural Networks, which will use layers of multiple nodes and algorithms to arrive at the most accurate values.

The networks will function in an input-output model predicting any kind of disruption much in advance. Machine Learning will also be used to improve the accuracy of the nodes with the use of supervised, unsupervised and hybrid training until the nodes return the most correct values.

From Prediction to Prevention – The Future of AI in Fusion Energy

In addition to predicting, scientists will deploy AI to even prevent disruptions in the future. Preventing will mean the intelligence of machines on what to do in the tokamak reactors to prevent any disruptions, even before they happen.

We will explore in the next iteration of this article, how AI has already started playing a vital role in the renewable energy sector. Use of AI in Fusion Energy is a major breakthrough in the field of production of energy.

So, the rest of the existing conventional and renewable energy producing companies may need to deploy AI to produce energy in abundance. This will help them cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, risk factors and the potential challenges and disruptions that may arise in power generation. AI is the best tool we all have to perfect production in any industry and especially in the energy industry.

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