How Custom Software Solutions Can Help Grow Your Business

How Custom Software Solutions Can Help Grow Your Business


Businesses cannot actively evaluate, organize and fulfill their software needs. Any business beyond a tiny micro enterprise will have varied operations and standard operating procedures. An entrepreneur can find it highly overwhelming to meet his software needs. This can put him into a state of inaction.

Some businesses have even failed precisely because they weren’t able to meet their software needs. All medium to large businesses have many siloed processes and operations that are disconnected from each other. So, other teams, departments or even CEOs may not be updated of the developments in each department or process. It can become time consuming and next to impossible to follow up with all of them.

That’s where custom software solutions can help grow your business exponentially by both automating and speeding up the standard processes of your business.

Let’s quickly go through a few of the reasons why and how custom software solutions can help grow your business:

Reducing Software Costs

The price of off-the-shelf software can be prohibitively high, if a new software has to be purchased for each process. Business is all about minimal cost and maximal output. If this gets inverse, there is no meaning in running a business.

Some large or cash rich businesses may not prioritize cost but they still outsource processes offshore to gain cost advantages. A little bit of capital expenditure can speed up multiple processes. Curbing expenditure can slow things down and cause friction.

Yet, cost is an important consideration in any business. Custom software solutions can be beneficial for the long term. The cost of a custom software solution can most of the times be lower than the cost of all of the off-the-shelf software put together.

Process Integration

Integration of Biometric Time and Attendance with Payroll can automate a lot of the HR processes. This should also help the finance and accounting departments. So, there should also be a selective exchange of data across multiple departments, which can be determined based on privileges. This is possible only with custom software solutions. Integration of multiple departments and processes and the ability to exchange data across all the departments can even be considered one of the goals of developing custom software solutions.

Getting Abstract

Due to the rise of digital assets, digital businesses and digitalization of businesses, each business can be drastically different from the other. New businesses pose new challenges and offer solutions to newer problems. Businesses can have organically evolved processes that the particular business itself may demand.

There can be a basic template but some businesses may not fit in, as they may do things in ways that never existed before. Such entirely new processes may have to be programmed into the technological space. So, custom software solutions is the only way businesses can be run to achieve scale, both now and in the future.

Achieving Scale

Custom software solutions can get really crazy, at times, with out of the world solutions. Sometimes, it may also be just generic to merely serve the purpose. Amazon’s ambitious Prime Air that uses software-programmed drone technology to deliver products—awaiting state nod—is an example of a crazily attractive custom software-cum-hardware solution.

On the other hand, imagine the kind of comprehensive custom software solutions Amazon would employ to manage such a global giant. Aggreggators like Uber and their food delivery service Uber Eats, Apple, Google, Netflix, McDonald’s, Starbucks and SubWay—all make great examples. These global giants couldn’t have come this far without employing custom solutions.

So, scaling up to metamorphose into such large entities can only be possible by employing custom software solutions.

Buying off-the-shelf software a la carte for each process can turn chaotic, leading to lack of efficiency in a highly disorganized business setting. Custom software solutions is not only meant to profit large global giants. Beginning from small-to-medium enterprises, any business can benefit from custom software solutions to not only carry out day-to-day operations seamlessly but also to improve productivity and, therefore, profitability.

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