How Will AI Revolutionize Mobile App Development in 2019

How Will AI Revolutionize Mobile App Development in 2019


Looking into the future, it looks like there can hardly be any mobile app development without the use of AI. Despite this trend, even if you go ahead to make a mobile app without AI, the app may be rendered irrelevant without the ability to compete with other AI-powered apps.

So, let’s find out how AI will revolutionize mobile app development in 2019 and beyond with the world of things they can do for customers from within their mobile phones:

Personalization in E-Commerce

Personalization delights users and makes customers feel special. It gives them a feeling that they are well cared for and are provided with what they actually want.

That’s why, these days, we don’t see an app without the AI or Machine Learning feature that predicts what we are searching for. They do this by collecting data on what we have done before using the app and thereby arriving at what we are likely to search for or buy from the app. Past purchases and searches also help determine what we are going to buy.

An app that matches its customers’ tastes in style, color, design, etc. is going to have better sales than apps that just list products and push for them to be sold. We have seen both types of apps and we know which one has delighted us the best.

That’s why, without such handy features, selling through an app may get highly difficult for a retailer. Hence, AI has become inevitable for mobile app development and it will remain so for a long time into the future.

AI in Users’ Personal Spaces

Besides retail and e-commerce, AI will be powering the home uses of people. Whatever people do within their homes, AI-powered apps will help people improve the way they live. Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Home, Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri have already automated a lot of tasks at home.

Right from switching the lights on and off to running and stopping appliances, making coffee, using Microwave Ovens, etc., AI can do almost anything and every thing one can do at home.

Besides helping us automate tasks at home, Home Automation apps also interact with their owners and make life easy for them in all possible ways within one’s home. So, AI will be part of almost every aspect of human life.

In the future, it will surely be like AI-everything-and-everywhere. So, just imagine how apps will look so retro, very limiting and performing fewer functions, if they aren’t powered by AI. So, apps will require AI to even carry out the new normal functions that people will expect an app to perform in the near future.

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