Mobile App Analytics Tools To Track Your Apps’ Performance – Part II


In the first iteration of this article, we saw some of the highly popular mobile app analytics tools to monitor your app’s performance. So now, let’s take a look at some of the other popular mobile app analytics tools that can fulfill specific functions for you:

Optimizing your apps’ performance after you publish them for use is very important. The success of an app even depends upon the use of Analytics and the optimization therefrom.

So, let’s find out how the below analytics tools help monitor and improve your apps’ performances:


Flurry is free. It’s one of the oldest free analytics apps coming from the stables of the Yahoo! Developer Network.

Flurry covers just about everything and more you need in a mobile app analytics tool. With Flurry, you can get real time insights on user engagement, retention, session duration, demographic data, conversion, revenue, etc.

It works across multiple platforms as iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows. Besides being free, you can also monitor your advertisement performance to optimize the same.

App Annie

App Annie is one of the most popular mobile app analytics tools catering to big names like Google, Coca Cola LinkedIn, Samsung, Visa, etc.

They have a free plan for just the stats and premium plans dubbed Intelligence, Premium, etc. whose price can be learned upon enquiry.

True to its sophisticated features and performance, App Annie is known to be high-priced to the extent that small businesses can’t afford to use the tool.

App Annie is usable on Android, iOS, Amazon, Mac, Windows, etc. So, App Annie is the go-to app for large businesses looking for premium priced, highly sophisticated app with intelligent features, performance and tools to market your app.

Amazon Pinpoint

Amazon Pinpoint is a part of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon offered Amazon Mobile Analytics prior to offering Amazon Pinpoint, discontinuing the former.

Amazon Pinpoint takes a customer-centric approach to help understand your customers better. It aims at offering real-time insights to improve engagement of customers in your app.

With intelligent interpretation of stats, insights and user data, Amazon Pinpoint reduces churn rate, improves customer engagement and reactivates churned customers.

So, Amazon Pinpoint is the app of choice for direct sales focused apps and businesses.

We will list a few more of the mobile apps analytics tools in our next iteration of this article, as we have plenty of them among the most popular ones. Use one that will suit your purpose and type of business.

If you aren’t sure of which one to use for your app, ping us at and visit We will always be happy to help you.

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