Mobile App Analytics Tools To Track Your Apps’ Performance


Optimizing your apps’ performance after you publish them for use is very important. The success of an app even depends upon the use of Analytics and the optimization therefrom.

So, let’s find out how the below analytics tools help improve your apps’ performances:

Google Analytics

The best of things can sometimes come free of cost. Google has always been free. We don’t pay to search for information on Google. It is one of Google’s policies to always keep most of their services free of cost.

Google Analytics has in-app analytics for mobile apps that can work on both Android and iOS apps. It has a free version that you can always use to analyze and optimize your apps’ performance.

There is also an enterprise version that you can use, if the business happening through your app is huge enough to cover it within a fraction of its running cost.

Google Analytics is one of the best free tools that you can use to monitor, analyze and optimize your apps’ performance. This may suffice, if you are running an app that generates moderate revenue.

You may need more tools, if you have a complex app that needs even more insights than what Google Analytics offers for free. So, let’s find out which other apps can do that for you.

Apple Analytics

Apple Analytics works only for iOS apps. If you have an iOS app, Apple Analytics is the best in-app analytics tool you can get your hands on to. It is highly easy to use and comes with a membership fee ranging up to $299 per year maximum.


Localytics is an attractive mobile in-app analytics tool used by Microsoft, Hootsuite, NYTimes, ESPN, MARVEL, Soundcloud, etc. It is usable on Windows, Android, iOS, etc.

Localytics offers useful insights on how to understand your users or customers. It also helps you personalize your marketing messages and tracks how well your marketing have paid off, your conversion rates, etc.

Mobile apps requiring a high level of user engagement and personalization use Localytics to personalize their marketing efforts tracking user behavior. The free Community Edition can track up to 10000 users, while there is a Premium and Enterprise Edition at $95 and $895 respectively, along with a Marketing Edition at $1790 per month.


With Countly, you can track what users are doing within your mobile application. Usable on Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows mobile apps, it comes with a free as well as an enterprise edition.

Countly can help you shape your user experience within your mobile, desktop and web applications. It can also track what users do with even push notifications.

Countly is a great in-app analytics tool to monitor, analyze and improve your app features based on what users do within your app to make your app highly effective and better performing.

We will look at some more in-app analytics tools in the next iteration of this article, as each tool offers something unique to help boost your apps’ performance in interesting ways.

Consult with us on the best mobile app analytics tools to use to improve your apps’ performances at and to know more on what we can do for you.

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