Mobile App Analytics Tools To Track Your Apps’Performance – Part III

Mobile App Analytics Tools To Track Your Apps’Performance – Part III


In this iteration, we have come up with some more of the mobile app analytics tools to track your mobile apps’ performance.

Let’s take a look at what each of them can do and how they do things differently from their peers:


Bango is a highly prominent and unique cross-platform app analytics tool usable on Windows Phone, Google, Samsung Apps, Amazon, Blackberry, etc. Its functionality across multiple platforms is its true merit.

Bango is also a mobile payment platform to power the purchase of apps or in-app content. So, Bango Mobile Web Analytics does a good job at monitoring revenues providing useful insights on successful monetization of apps.

Bango analytics focuses on two metrics namely the number of unique visitors and marketing campaigns. Bango differentiates between new and repeat users to arrive at the perfect number of unique visitors by creating a unique user ID for each user clicking an ad or visiting a link.

This is a feature that most other tools do not offer and hence show the numbers a bit skewed in one direction. That’s why Bango is considered unique with this much required feature.

More importantly, Bango monitors your apps’ marketing campaigns, monetization, revenue and profit besides also suggesting ways to increase user engagement and revenue.


Amplitude mobile app analytics tool works on both Android and iOS platforms. This analytics tool is free for up to million user actions per month and premium plans begin after that number.

Amplitude is a real-time analytics tool that tracks and monitors user actions and data in real-time so that you can understand user behavior instantly.

This feature will throw useful insights on how users and responding to your products and services in real-time.

Another distinct feature of Amplitude that you will love is debugging, which can also be done instantly in real-time.


Appsee focuses on improving the user experience of your apps using visual representations of your apps’ user actions (as touch, taps, swipes, pinches, etc.), user statistics and user data.

Appsee visually interprets, analyzes and offers insights on your user actions and statistics to improve on the user experience of your app. It works on apps made using UIkit, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Xamarin, OpenGL, etc.

Appsee visualizes user actions as touch gestures with the use of Touch Heatmaps to show you where each user is currently touching, tapping, swiping or pinching on your app.

Appsee offers a free version of up to a 2500 monthly sessions and 250 user recordings per month for just one app. Beyond this point, Appsee follows custom-pricing on enquiry for premium and enterprise editions based on custom feature requirements, number of sessions, number of apps, etc.

There can be around five iterations to this article, as there are that many tools out there providing unique analysis, insights and interpretation of data to improve the performance of your app.

Discuss with us the best mobile app analytics tools you can use to improve your apps’ performances at and to know more on what we can do for you.

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