Planning Your Mobile App Marketing Strategy


Your mobile app marketing strategies must be planned well before you publish an app. Even more importantly, a major part of it takes place even after you publish the app. So, start designing your app with a marketing strategy in your mind, even as you wireframe and prototype your app. This means that your app itself should ensure the success of your app, even as you start designing your app.So, let’s list below a few methods and strategies on how you can market your mobile app:


Define Your Target Market

During this process, you should define your target market based on Geography, Region, Country, Age, Gender, Parents, Children, Teens, Adolescents or Adults.You can further narrow down into preferences, relationship status, students, business people, employed, etc.In this whole wide world, you can still narrow down and reach millions of people for your niche.So, defining your target market is the foremost important step while marketing your mobile app.


How To Reach Your Target Market

In order to reach your target market, you can make use of plenty of ways and channels through which you can reach them.As you’ve already defined your target market, you may or you will get a fair idea on where they are concentrated and how you can reach them.Based on age and demography, your target market may be concentrated on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.So, by learning where there are concentrated, you can use that particular platform to market your app.


You can make a social media page, target your users through sponsored posts, publish videos on YouTube, tweet your app’s link, etc. By using these strategies, it can get easy for you to reach your target audiences or users and become familiar among them.These strategies will surely help you secure a lot of downloads.


Redirecting Landing Pages

The ad, post or video your users will click through should seamlessly take them to where they can download the app.Most mobile phone users may visit the website that will redirect them to the page on app stores, where they can download your app for their respective operating systems like Android, iOS or Windows Mobile.This is a highly effective strategy whose conversion rate can be quite high.We have all downloaded apps this way. We do not want users to just read about your app on the landing pages.We will also miss out on many downloads, if we have our users search for the apps themselves.So, redirecting them directly to the download page on App Store or Play Store is the most effective strategy there is, currently, on earth.


The Thereafter – Reviews & Ratings

After your users download your app, it’s crucial to get ratings and reviews on your app.If your users will rate you better with four to five-star ratings, you will have better chances of conversion in the future.But if you happen to get low ratings, you should be able to immediately respond to the users rating you low.You should also be able to fix any bugs and issues that may be reported by users in their reviews.You should also be able to act on feedback and change the features or the User Experience (UX) of your app in subsequent versions of the app.That’s why we say that mobile app marketing strategies must begin, even as you design the user experience, decide on the features and as you wireframe or prototype your app.Start designing your app with the focus of getting five-star ratings on your app.This will push you higher up in visibility in app stores and the ratings will also act as an endorsement and improve your credibility for users to download your app.

So, make sure to strategically prompt users within your app to leave their rating at the app stores.This will help you get enough ratings to gain both visibility and trust among new potential users.


Get Referrals

Encourage your users to share your app with friends. You can also reward them, if their friends download, sign up or use some particular features of your app. Getting the word around is easy through friends. People can influence each other quite easily among friends, peers, colleagues and relatives. Word of mouth is the best free marketing you can achieve. Word of mouth can spiral into something big, if people begin to influence each other.Another way to achieve this is to use an authority figure or society influencer like a celebrity and get them to either write or talk about your app.This will help you convert a large number of their followers into your customers.That’s why even being an Instagram model has been highly rewarding for a lot of models.

Getting the word out, getting referred and getting them to download and sign in into your app is one of the best and the easiest of ways to increase downloads of your app exponentially. Marketing is an important component of success in any business. The same goes for app development as well. Do not ignore this crucial step, as the success of an app depends mostly on how well it is marketed.So, put your marketing gears on and be ready to take your app to your target market in the most efficient of ways possible.

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