Top Cost Effective Technologies For Mobile App Development


Businesses are largely becoming dependent on mobile apps as a means to reach across and interact with customers, as mass attention is currently focused on mobile devices. A mobile app can also act as a digital store to help your customers buy both physical or digital products or help them subscribe to or access the services you provide.

Besides these purposes, you can use a mobile app to order food, book a cab, pay your bills online, scan documents, save files in cloud servers, etc. and the list is endless. So, an app will surely help any business to reach across to customers and increase their profits.

Mobile App Development Process

Developing a mobile app is a step-by-step process with a dynamic array of things to do, before you see your app fleshed out to the fullest. You will have to work on your app, even after you publish them.

In order to make a mobile app, you can begin by brainstorming your ideas and analyzing the technical feasibility, tools, technologies, platforms, etc. Of this, platforms play a major role in deciding which technologies to be used to develop the app.

Programming languages used for mobile app development include Swift, C++, Java, PHP etc. Selecting one of these and or many other technologies can depend on many other factors.

So, let’s go through a few of these cost-effective technologies you can use for mobile app development:


You can use HTML5 to develop a mobile app, if you want your app and a website to perform the same tasks. In such cases, HTML5 is quite useful. You can say HTML5 is a predominantly cross-platform mobile app development technology used for both web and mobile applications to function across devices.

You can use mobile application development frameworks like Apache Cordova or Rhodes to develop mobile apps using HTML5.

The benefits of using HTML5 is that it reduces the complexity and cost of making a mobile app. In addition to these benefits, mobile apps developed using HTML5 can be both cross-platform and cross-device like iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, smart phones, tablets and desktop computers.


Native technology means the use of technologies meant for specific operating systems or platforms, unlike cross-platform mobile app development technologies or languages. Swift Programming Language and XCode are the best technologies or languages meant for mobile app development for the iOS platform.

Using Native technologies makes the mobile app highly compatible with the platform, as it supports the devices’ built-in features, while also making it easy to add new features to the app.


Cross-platform apps use the same codes for different operating systems. Since they are platform independent, you don’t need to code them each time to suit different multiple platforms.

The main benefits of using a Cross-platform technology are easy deployability and code reusability. Some of the cross-platform development tools are Phonegap (Apache Cordova), Kony, Xamarin and React Native.

Coding once using Cross-platform tools and technologies that can work on multiple platforms can be highly cost effective and efficient. Cross-platform mobile app development has become the most sought after mobile app development method of late due to its benefits that outweigh the benefits of other technologies.

Be it a Native, Hybrid, HTML5 or Cross-platform app, we are experts at mobile app development across all platforms and devices. Email us at and visit us at to discuss the mobile app you would like to develop with us.

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