Useful Apps for Travel Junkies – Part II

We always say travel is a ton of information to navigate and it’s one of the most complex of human activities. In the smartphone-coupled-with-AI era, we have travel apps that can make traveling easier. Below, we have listed a few apps that can help you travel with a lot of ease:
We get a scattered list of emails on various aspects of our personal and business lives. If you are going to travel, it can become extremely difficult to navigate among hundreds of emails to find emails related to your travel plan.
Tripit is an all-in-one place itinerary that organizes all your travel-related information in one place. It does so by scanning your emails to booking and reservation dates, times, etc. The app sorts the travel events in your itinerary in chronological order in your calender.
As soon as you receive any email regarding your trip, Tripit pops up a message that reads, “Noted your email and added the trip details to your itinerary.” Like most apps, Tripit also comes free and Tripit Pro costs $49 per year.
Who doesn’t know Uber? One must be living in a cave or under a rock to have not known Uber. This popular pioneering ride sharing app acts as a platform that connects both drivers and riders. Uber app comes with a child-level difficulty or rather ease of use to enter destination and book rides.
In new destinations, Uber can come pretty handy to help you learn places, destinations and how much it costs to travel within the place you are touring. You get Uber in almost all the countries and cities all over the world.
If you want to rub shoulders with the locals, you can opt for Uber Share, where you pay a lesser price for the same distance/destination, while sharing your ride with other riders.
With Uber being the largest ride aggregator all over the world, you can gain 24/7 access in almost all parts of the world, except very remote places. So, Uber can be a great travel companion during both your domestic and overseas trips.
Google Maps
Perhaps, Google Maps is one of the most useful travel apps you can be armed with. With Google Maps, you have the whole wide world within your palms. You can find the remotest nook and corner of the world on Google Maps, where it is humanly possible to inhabit.
In addition to displaying a map, Google Maps also helps you learn the traffic in a particular place along with other data as the hotels, restaurants and gas stations in the area.
As Google Maps uses both Aerial photography and Satellites, the images and data on Google Maps is near-perfect. So, Google Maps is also a must have tool or app, if you are traveling nearer or farther.

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