Useful Apps for Travel Junkies – Part III

While traveling, booking a hotel room is one of the most important things to do. Securing a good, quality place of stay is highly important. The moment you decide to travel to a particular destination, you must have your hotel room booked well in advance. Below are a few apps that help you do just that and let’s see how they compare:


OYO is almost the market leader in hotel room booking apps. Not only does OYO help you book rooms, it also manages the properties so that you get rooms and service of certain quality and standards.

In the OYO app, you can view the hotels, rooms, facilities offered, prices, locations, maps, get directions, etc. You can also use among tens of filters to customize your search to find and book rooms to your liking.

You can search for hotel rooms by city, location and even certain roads. As OYO is the largest hotel room aggregator, you will find an OYO in almost every city or town.

Fully homegrown in India, OYO also secured funding much earlier in their start-up phase from SoftBank to branch out to many other countries.

Now, OYO is an international hotel room aggregator brand with its presence spread across continents in the US, UK, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Japan.

So, OYO is one of the easiest to use, handy travel apps that you can use to book hotel rooms, even if you are pressed for time.

OYO is fast-growing and expanding. So, if you are traveling to many parts of the world, just make sure to equip yourself with the OYO app.


Treebo, though similar to OYO, takes a qualitative approach unlike the quantitative approach of OYO. Treebo maintains strict protocols on maintaining the quality and standards of the hotels and hotel rooms they operate.

Treebo has less number of rooms compared to OYO except that they are better maintained than OYO. The former also takes full control of the inventory than OYO, which acts mostly as an aggregator, while providing services for different classes of hotels.

While Treebo is a budget hotel brand, OYO with its deep pockets and market penetration could acquire Treebo and rebrand it.

If you are touring in India, Treebo is also one of the best hotel booking apps to explore. Install the Treebo app on your phone, as it can be a pretty handy option to book hotel rooms during your travels across the country.


Unlike OYO and Treebo, FabHotels caters to the premium segment in hotels. FabHotels mostly manages 3 star hotels and above leading to better customer experience and satisfaction than OYO, which manages only 1 to 2 star budget hotels.

FabHotels is a great app to have on your phone, if you would like to book hotels that are 3 star and above. If you are looking for good service, FabHotels can be your pick.

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