What Use of AI in Amazon Go and Walmart Means for Retail

What Use of AI in Amazon Go and Walmart Means for Retail

The two biggest retail giants Amazon Go and Walmart have pioneered the use of innovative AI in retail. This can surely trickle down to the rest of the retail industry.

The way they have started using AI in their retail outlets has been quite clever, intuitive and innovative. So, let’s take a look at how both these giants have started deploying AI to automate, improve and make their retail business processes exciting for their customers as well as their employees:

Amazon GO’s Use of AI in Retail

As we’ve seen before, Amazon’s use of AI is more of automation. The Amazon GO store, where AI is deployed, does away with the need to even carry cash and to employ a cashier.

Use of Image Recognition and Machine Learning, both subsets of AI, helps identify products, product names, brands, sizes, when the product is picked up from the shelf, when they need replacement, etc.

The Amazon Go is an almost fully automated convenience store, where you can just walk in, pick your products and just walk out of the turnstile. The moment you cross the turnstile with the products you’ve picked to take home, Amazon Go will bill charge your credit card and send you a receipt.

Amazon overcame challenges as similar products and similar-looking people to avoid confusions to come up with these AI-powered stores. Use of AI in Amazon Go has already been an important step in the direction of AI in retail. This influenced even its rival retail giant Walmart to use AI in their retail stores in a more fitting and rewarding manner.

Walmart’s Use of AI in Their Retail Stores

Walmart dubbed it the Intelligent Retail Lab (IRL). The use of cameras and sensors are similar to the way Amazon Go used them. However, they just look for the products being picked up and alert the staff on when they need to be replaced.

Walmart doesn’t do away with employees altogether. It has said that it wanted AI to help not only their customers but also their employees. They get alerted as to know when exactly to restock a product.

This will also ensure that customers always get fresh products, as AI knows if a particular product has been stocked for too long and suggest a restock. So, this will be a win-win situation for Walmart, their customers as well as employees.


The AI technology used at both Amazon Go and Walmart are complex technologies but not impossible to replicate. The technology is still in its nascent stages, as more use-cases and applications of AI in retail are to follow.

Soon, AI may predict demand for specific products, their specifications and variants. AI will also come down to almost all small-to-medium sized retail stores in a few years from now.

So, it can be highly rewarding for owners of retail stores to start implementing and deploying AI in their retail stores in the most exciting, innovative and highly imaginative ways they can.

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